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Anne-Marie has been with Home Healthcare since the beginning. Daughter to Annie she was born into a medical family and became aware of medicine, disease, health, and wellbeing from a very early age. Growing up she was surrounded by stories of her Mum’s nursing care and often met patients in the community so always had an awareness and growing knowledge of dementia, disability, mental health, rehabilitation and perhaps, most importantly saw first hand the passion and love that infused Annie’s nursing work and care of her patients.

After doing a degree at University College London (UCL), Anne-Marie moved into the NHS managing a range of complex and specialist services in major London hospitals. With over a decade over NHS management experience, she has managed everything from surgical services such as maxillofacial, urology, anesthetics and general surgery through to regional cancer services and end of life care in both acute hospital and community settings. She has a particular interest in how patients move between hospital and community and worked as a service improvement facilitator to improve these pathways in South West London. Her vast experience means she brings to Home Healthcare and unparalleled knowledge of how the NHS and healthcare systems work. This, coupled with a passion for making life better for people, means she has a detailed knowledge of the resources and services that are available for Home Healthcare clients.

She also has a particular interest in Community Medicines Management.

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