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Aging is a complex thing – Home Healthcare understands that we do not become different people, we just need a different kind of help. We also know that as we age there are issues like frailty, memory loss, increased medication and having a range of different conditions which can affect people.

Our Home Healthcare team is experienced in managing the care of older adults. We work closely with community teams including occupation therapy, physiotherapy, specialist and community pharmacy, and General Practice. We can refer you into the NHS if needed but also have links to private practitioners we know and trust if you prefer. For people looking for a little more help with managing life, rather than just care, we are also able to offer a concierge-style service where we can help you manage the day to day paperwork, hospital visits, handyman or tradesman jobs. We worked with people we know, like and trust and would be happy to connect you.

Over 50 years of community and acute hospital knowledge means we are confident you will not find another care team with the same level of expertise in arranging bespoke care and helping you stay active and connected to your local community. We have good links with a range of churches, cafes, day centers, lunch clubs and other community groups which puts us in a great position to help people lead as full a life as possible.

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