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The Home Healthcare team has a range of staff, many of whom specialise in working with adults over the age 18 who want support with everyday activities like attending college or university, popping out for a pint or having help with every task that for one reason or another they cannot manage themselves.

Finding the right personal assistant or carer can be hard work and we hand pick our team to make sure they are able to meet your needs and provide help where you need it. We can provide staff in or out of uniform and aim to match you with staff who share some of your interests and passions.

We know everyone is an individual and that’s why we hand-pick the Home Healthcare team and train them to a high level. We are a CACHE accredited training center which means all of our qualifications are nationally recognised. Our nurse-led management team means we are also able to train the Home Healthcare team in a range of techniques and we have extensive experience of disability in many forms. We’ve worked with Autism, Neurodisability, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities, Life-limiting genetic conditions – we believe that whilst understanding the underlying condition is important in providing evidence-based home healthcare, the really important bit is caring for the person themselves.

Home Healthcare is an independent provider, we are family owned and managed and this means we can set up care plans that are driven by what you need rather than company guidelines.

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