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Our home health and care services

We provide a wide range of care services tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Below we’ve listed just some of the services we provide. If you don’t see what you need, then please call us and talk through your ideas and requirements.

Home health and care services in Kent and south London

Home Healthcare offers a wide range of different types of care and support services to clients in both Kent and nearby areas of south London. We will outline our most popular types of care services below – and if you don’t see what you are looking for mentioned, please get in touch without obligation and we can discuss your requirements.

Seniors person care services in Kent and south London

We offer an adaptive, personally tailored eldercare service for people with all manner of requirements, whether you just need a little extra help with everyday tasks or require a more comprehensive care service.

Here are some of the older person care services we provide:

  • Shopping, meal preparation and assistance with eating.
  • Help with taking medications and planning hospital or GP appointments.
  • Housework and light chores.
  • A regular, reliable drop in service to check on your welfare and make sure you are ok.
  • Escorted or accompanied trips and visits to places of your choice – such as the cinema, church, hospital, or pub, or just to meet friends for coffee and a chat.
  • Personal care, including assistance with bathing, dressing and using the lavatory.
  • Night sitters and the provision of someone to sleep nearby to offer reassurance and help if required during the night.

Long term or short-term care

Temporary care to provide help and support if you need it when recovering from an operation, accident or illness.

Nutritional support services in Kent and south London

If you need help getting the appropriate nutrition or managing mealtimes to support a medical condition or medication, we can help. Our nurses and carers are competent at delivering bespoke tailored nutrition via a range of methods, including different types of formulas and delivery routes.

Home-based treatments and support in Kent and south London

We can help you to administer and manage a range of home-based treatments for conditions such as diabetes, cancer and anaemia. Our qualified and experienced home nurses and carers can work alongside of your GP or wider care team to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Health and social care provision in Kent and south London

If you are living with a long-term functional disability or chronic condition and need some help managing things, we can help you to determine the right type of care and support to meet your needs and assist you with maintaining your independence and maximising your health and wellness.

Carer support and respite care in Kent and south London

We offer a dedicated carer support and respite care service to allow your regular carers (such as family members who support you day-to-day) to take a break without worrying, and to provide practical advice and emotional support when needed.

Palliative care, terminal care and compassionate care in Kent and south London

Home Healthcare offers an empathic, experienced and comprehensive care service for the chronically or terminally ill, with the goal of minimising pain and discomfort and improving your quality of life within your own familiar home surroundings.

Post-stroke care in Kent and south London

If you have suffered from a stroke, you may find yourself frustrated and disheartened that you are unable to do all of the things you used to be able to, and this period of adjustment can be very emotional and challenging for anyone.

We can offer practical and emotional support from experienced post-stroke carers and nurses in Kent and south London, whether you just need some extra help with the practicalities or a more comprehensive service.

Professional nursing care in Kent and south London

Our qualified and experienced nursing team provides care for clients of all ages and from all walks of life, whatever your requirements.

Home Healthcare’s handpicked nursing team work to promote health, prevent illness and help you to maintain your quality of life, providing care for persons who are disabled, unwell, or approaching the end of their lives.

In-house and live-in residential care in Kent and south London

If you require live-in residential care to ensure that all of your needs are attended to, Home Healthcare can match you with the right regular carer for your own individual situation. We understand the importance of finding the right carer to stay in your home and tend to your personal requirements, and that continuity of care and being able to get to know the person who helps you is important for your comfort and peace of mind.

We always choose the same regular carers to provide your live-in care wherever possible, and we don’t have a high turnover of staff.

Companionship and a listening ear

Finally, if you are fully or largely independent but simply find yourself a little isolated or without a network of friends and family nearby to provide the companionship and emotional support that you need, call on us.

We will work with you to pick an empathic, friendly and personable professional to provide companionship, emotional support and reassurance whenever you need it.

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